Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Healthy eating and aquaponics

When I first joined Visalus, I wasn't thinking about anything else except trying to get out of the JOB rat race and getting myself healthy. As time grew and I realized what I had gotten myself into the more I decided that for my families sake, I had to be proactive not reactive. I had to start paying attention to what I was putting on my food table, what chemicals I was bringing into the house and on my property. Did you know a well known weed killer can cause Nerve Damage, Cancer and many other diseases?? Have you ever thought about what your fruits and vegetables have gone through before they reach your table. How about Mice crawling over them and unsanitary conditions. Personally, I want to know where my produce has been before it hits my stomach. So hubby came up with a brilliant idea, he started looking into aquaponics. He knows how much I love to garden and he knew that we had to start growing our own food, after all who wants to pay high prices for something that I can grow in a bucket or planter. Combine gardening with my favorite place to be at Disney is Living off the Land at Epcot Center and we had a hit. So he started thinking of ideas how to make this work.. In the meantime, I'm looking at him like hes crazy. Well needless to say, he pulled it off. Shhh, I won't tell him what a genius he is... but I think HE ROCKS!! So if your trying to get healthy and want to save money, I strongly suggest in looking into aquaponics, just some fish, some plants and some ideas is all it took.... Oh by the way, use vinegar to clean your house and kill your weeds works much better..

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