Thursday, October 18, 2012

My dilemma

So I started out this page many moons ago, liked the title of the blog and now Im not to sure... Anyone know how to change the name without losing the links and all my visitors? Me neither... If you do, please tell me.. Playing catch up here..... Aquaponics is going better than I ever thought. We have alot of fish in the tank now and plants are doing awesome... We were told that Tilapia multiply fast.. Eeks, Fish Farmers without planning.... But its all in fun and the fish are happy in their new surroundings. Becoming more aware of what I eat and portion control and mainly where my food has been before I eat it.. That was the main purpose of starting the aquaponics... I think more people need to be more aware of the things they put into their families stomachs and the things that they bring into the house to clean.. Vinegar is a great house cleaner, may stink for a minute or two but its better then bringing toxins into the household. GO NON GMO!!! If you want to know more about gardening and our aquaworld then head on over to Spring Hill Green Thumb Club on FB.
Had the pleasure of helping the Area Club out with a Yard sale and came across a real beauty... I don't know old it is but hubby says probably in the 70's. Its a sewing machine table.. Sturdy wood and I picked it up for 4.50.. pretty good deal, I think. Now do I want to sand and repaint Country Blue or leave it the way it is ... What would you do?

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