Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reading an article where they claim that women strip males from their manhood... and this must have been written by a guy.... I am putting their 7 and then I am adding my rebuttal and my two cents... 1. Men drinking fruity drinks....Ok personally, I don't know of a man that drinks Fruity drinks. Do you? Maybe, they sneak them when we aren't looking but so what.. does it make them less of a man? NO..... .
2. Trying to dress them up. Ok this one I have a problem with.. If we don't pick out your clothes, buy your clothes for you or help you in this department, what will you wear? My man would wear jeans and a black tshirt. That's his choice and I have gotten used to the fact that this is what he likes to wear but sometimes just surprise me... :) Also, whats wrong with shaving and taking care of yourself? Some guys I see look like they just rolled out of bed.
3. Shopping, men don't like to shop?? Ok, I can go in and out in a store and who's taking their time looking around, the man of course. Where will I find this man? Usually in food or electronics.
4. Decorating? Throwing a party? The woman goes all out, has theme parties and guys well... throw some kegs together have a bonfire and invite friends over... Why not show a little more interest in entertaining your friends... Seems from most guys a Beer Pong table is where its at.
5. Making men watch Glee... Seems to be guys know how to either go to another tv or doing something else. I dont know of any guy that watches Glee. 6. Withholding Sex.... Come on now, sounds like this guy is grasping at straws.. No pun intended.... but if the guys starts the day off right and flirts with the woman and doesnt piss her off during the day then he should have no problem getting any when he wants it. 7. Going for the nutshot... Ok please, if you want to wrestle around and get to rough realize the woman may just show you up and take you down quicker then you want.
Whats your opinion?

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