Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sitting here on a rainy Saturday morning, I am wondering what I can do today. Should I craft, clean or just be lazy and do nothing... If you know me the later is out of the question. I can never sit still, I always have to be doing something.  So I think I will finish up this blog, start cleaning and then paint some birdhouses. Then wait for the rain to stop and go out and do some gardening..
Beautiful Hydrangeas!! Also will do some blog hopping today.. I love visiting others and just saying Hi, and what a wonderful job they are doing with their blog. Today I found... Fake it Frugal Wonderful ideas on how to save lots of money..... Did you know that you can save lots of money just by being frugal? What is your idea of frugal and tell us what you have done to save money? Live life each day like its your last.. Have faith and hope!!

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