Saturday, February 25, 2012

As promised, Im back with Branding yourself. What makes your persona? What makes you different from all the rest? What makes me... Let's see... Where do I start... 1. Thought I knew it all at 18 2. Married, in an abusive relationship for many years. 3. WAS codependent 4. Had kids, and missed their milestones because I was the breadwinner 5. Divorced and remarried 6. Gained lots of weight and very low self esteem
This is when things started to change for me... 1. Remarried to a wonderful man 2. Slowly, we started working on me 3. Was with many work from home business's and never found the right niche 4. Finally, was introduced to Visalus and found the right place for me 5. Realized that with the proper nutrition and training, I can rise to the top 6. Down 35 lbs and toning muscle and living life to the fullest
Now its time for me to help you rise to the top... Just paying it Forward.... Someone once told me, make a timeline of your life.. She said it wasn't going to be easy but just do it... Put one foot in front of the other, the past cannot hurt you anymore. It's over and done with... look towards the future and live it to the fullest. Would love to hear your comments... or your thoughts

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