Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back again, WOW, this is new for me... three times this week, am I on a roll? Turns out, I love to talk and share my thoughts. I'm going to go on both ends of the spectrum today, so here it goes. I recently came across a blog where Georgia was highlighting overweight kids and how they were trying to bring attention to lovable kids and their weight issues. If you were a parent, would you put our children through this? What do you think the response was to these kids when all their schoolmates caught on? This is when the bullying issue comes in... I am attending a Anti Bullying awareness program in April. Yes, I was bullied but not about my weight, if anything I was average.... I remember asking a friend one day, Why and he said I dont know.... Was I an easy target, because I didnt stick up for myself? Because I had low self-esteem and didnt know my voice. I can tell you that I am no longer that person... Thank you dear husband and Visalus for finally giving me a place to belong. I can say is that its about time someone brought attention to bullying. As a parent, do you teach your kids right from wrong? How to respect others? My mom once had a saying, Treat others as you would want to be treated, no matter what the weight or situations at home..... I will tell you its never to late to start over and become the person you were meant to be.... One foot in front of the other and one step at a time.. GOD BLESS!!!

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