Friday, September 17, 2010

Who are you?

Looking back on the past two years, how has your life changed? Has it been for the better or for the worse? Were you one of those that lost their job in which caused stress on your relationship?  The past few years has all hit us one way or another, but the main question is how are you bouncing back? How are you taking control of your future? 

Are all these changes in America making people crazy?
I have heard about  Marriages splitting up, spouses cheating on others, and relationships ending lately more then ever. Why is that? 

Recently, a few of us got together to help a friend who's husband just decided one morning that he wasn't in love with his wife anymore and left her, the kids and the bills. Hes out there living life to the fullest and she's having to rebuild her children's lives and go on with hers.

Another friend recently found out that her dream job was not so dreamy after all. She was fired after many years of service.
A stranger called and wanted to get RHCK's advice on a marriage gone sour after she found out that he was cheating on her.
So many instances, that would bring your self-esteem down and make you feel worthless.
Life isn't always peaches and roses.......the main thing is how are you handling it? 

Are you taking back control of your life and saying, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Are you living life to the best of your ability and saying, No one is going to stop me now!!  Each one of my friends are...
They are not about to let anyone walk in and disrupt their life anymore.
They are taking control and now it's your turn.... 


princessparties said...

Very very true!! RHCK is here for her and everyone else who needs friends to turn to! Whatever comes her way we will all help her. We all have been through something or other in our lives. If it was good or bad, becoming rich or poor, losing loved ones or having brand new editions, dumping trash that did us dirty or becoming closer to our spouse and loving them with all of our hearts! We are here to talk and try to help with anything! Please know this, we are a group of very special women who care about your wants and your needs! Just call on us

Deanna said...

Thanks Trish!!! Wouldnt know what to do without you being my right hand pal...