Thursday, September 9, 2010

What was supposed to be

a fun night for the girls turned into something out of a movie...... We counted 4 accidents going into Tampa. This was such a mess, but we couldn't let the girls down... after all we were on our way to see The Jonas Brothers and Demi from Camp Rock. So we trudged along until we arrived at Florida State Fairgrounds. Through Muck and Mud, we trudged our way just to get to the ticket line where we came across this. Jonas fans were going nuts, kids yelling, "Let us in", parents on the phone with the Amp's switchboard, on the phone with radio and tv stations. Parents were also on the phone with loved ones at home trying to get the weather report. See we were in the middle of black clouds everywhere.  We waited in line for at least 2 hours waiting to hear something from Security standing at the front gate. They refused to budge and the fans were not backing down.
Fans were getting restless, I was trying to find something out. We saw many fans leaving from inside the building, we were trying to find out something from someone. Nobody was talking. Finally, about 8:30 p.m. Security got on the blow horn and announced that the show was cancelled. What happened to our beloved Jonas Brothers?
After I got home and got little one to bed, I did some research. This is what I found.... Now alot of you are blaming the Jonas Brothers and I tell you that's silly.   Are the ones that are blaming the J Brothers not from Florida? We all know that our weather changes at the drop of a hat. I do blame the ones that were in charge of letting us stand there in line for many hours. Also, why wasn't the Media notified?   So many questions and not enough answers yet.
I just hope that they reschedule and honor our tickets...

This is hours before the torrential downpour.

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