Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now that I got you thinking

and your ready to make a change, what kind of change do you want? Do you have a plan in motion?  Are you happy with your current family situation? But you want to change your finances?  Then make a plan... You say there are no jobs out there, then make one.  Do you like sales? Go into Direct Sales.... Like to Cook, Jewels, or even Romance, then there is a company for you..

Why work for someone else, where they can dictate your hours, tell you how much your worth or even make you neglect your family.  Think about what you want, what you need and how your going to get it.

If you don't put one foot in front of the other and attempt your dreams, then how will you know if you will succeed.  There are many women and men out there that are thriving at their business's. Why? Because they weren't afraid to try.   Your probably thinking, no one will buy from me and I don't want to bother anyone.  That is negative thinking.  Think, I will survive and I will tell everyone about my job.  You all know, that I'm not afraid to tell anyone about RHCK. Why? Because I am proud of what I do and I am here to offer a service. I am not here to sell my toys  but to make friends and to add some education and fun to your life.

If Romance and education isn't something that you want to do, then there are plenty of opportunities out there.
I have a couple of friends out there, that are still looking for work after a year of school... Change the goals, look for new opportunities and don't be afraid to try something new.

As I was once told, think outside the box and I opened the cover and I see a whole new world...
What is your passion and dream? Follow it!!!


Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach said...

GREAT post! It's true - the Direct Sales industry offers an opportunity for absolutely anyone to change their entire life. I call it "the great leveler" because it offers the same opportunity to anyone - regardless of education, sex, race, background... everyone has an equal opportunity to be amazing!!

Deanna said...

You have to believe and dream... If you want you shall succeed.