Friday, July 10, 2009


Romance doesnt start with the bedroom, doesn't start with your mate. It starts with you!!!! Think about it, when you have kids screaming, phones ringing, housecleaning and dinner cooking who has time to think about Romance and Sex.

Do you ever get the nudge from your loved one or the little hints and your just not interested? To many, sex is the last thing on their mind because they are either too tired or thinking about the chores that they have to do the next day.

This is why we should put dates on our calender and schedule time with the other half. When you plan these kind of dates, it makes things MUCH easier. Your attention is pretty much focused on your other half, you can remember why you are with this person and why you fell in love. There are no distractions, unless your the type of person that wonders what the kids are doing while your away. If your this type of person, STOP!!

Sit back and remember the days when you dressed up and was excited about seeing your other half. It felt good to get dressed up and go out, didnt it? Why stop just because you have kids, bills and pressure. Some of you are saying, sounds easier then what it is and economic times are tougher.

Pack a picnic, go out and take a walk. Spend quality time together, get the communication back. There are so many things that you can do that doesnt take alot of effort or money.

Once you get that rolling and you feel better and the communication lines are open, then Romance and Sex will start falling into place.

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Keep It Classy, Jen said...

I completely agree! We do plan a date at least once a month!

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