Sunday, July 12, 2009

Perfect Woman

Why is it when you ask Men and Women what is a perfect woman, you will get two completely different answers. Men will think with their eyes and *** and Women will think of someone strong, someone that is able to take on the world.

When you think of the perfect woman, is it someone like either of these two? Why?
To me the perfect women is someone that don't take no crap, stands for what she believes in and then when the time calls for it, can be sexy and seductive.
A perfect women has to be able to do it all.
You see there is no perfect woman out there. We all like to think we are and in our minds we may be the perfect women but we can't do it all or be it all.

Women are ever-changing creatures, when the time comes for a change. We have no problems adapting to what we are given. That is why we are ALMOST PERFECT, we do the best we can, when we can.

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