Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are your hands dirty?

First Almost Perfect Woman
I am in envy of some of my gardening friends that I have met on Twitter and around the net. One that comes to mind is,Shawna Coronado.

Shawna is amazing. She taught me today that I can eat Daylillies, how to recycle, and how gardening can be fun.
Who would ever think that one can eat flowers. Shawna has even written a book about Gardening Nude,
NO, its not actually getting nude but it is a catchy title, isn't it?
Stop by her website, and check out all the fantastic ideas that she has.

Shawna happens to come from a place where you can get your hands dirty, the same state that my hands got dirty growing up, Illinois. Stop by and see Shawna and tell her I sent you.

Are you the type of Woman that is not afraid to get your hands dirty?
Whether you are or arent, remember you are the ALMOST PERFECT WOMAN.

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