Sunday, July 5, 2009

Almost Perfect Woman

It doesn't take much to be the Perfect woman. Think that you are, know that you are and as long as you have a good attitude about life, then you are the perfect woman.
Women come in many shapes and sizes with many different personalities.

Are you the type of person that everyone wants to be around?
If your someone that has a good time and loves to live it up then you are the perfect woman. Think about it, would you rather be near someone that has that happy, upbeat personality or someone that is down in the dumps all the time? If someone approaches me with the down in the dumps personality, I run as fast as I can, being nice of course, but I run.

There are many woman that love to help others, just look on Twitter. I have met many wonderful people there and you know what they are all perfect in their own way.
It took me many years to realize, as long as your happy who the heck cares what others think of you. I am happy, your happy, were all happy.
It's a Happy World!!

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