Thursday, August 7, 2014

Time to get this Blogging back in business...  I have been so busy the past few months and have neglected this blog.. Sorry guys, life has habit of taking over and taking me in other directions.

Where do I start? Just turned 50 years old... Where did time go? I went through some mental challenges like menopause and all that other stuff. I decided to start living the simple life. No stress, hanging clothes on the line and just enjoying the Country life.

I have also been designing my Seaside collection... which means painting furniture again. I seem to have friends that are really interested in what I do, which makes me very very happy.  Have to thank JunkYard Gypsies for giving me the courage to go after my dream, which is repainting furniture and bringing old back to new. I design Seaside furniture and Kids furniture. Don't think you will see anything like this in the store. They all have personal touches.. So let me take you on a tour of what I do. This is my recent project. Working on another piece that I will have online tomorrow.. Thanks for looking :)

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