Monday, September 30, 2013

Life is an adventure... Every time you turn around there is a new door to be opened and a new friend to be discovered. Life is about Art and exploring every nook and cranny that you come across... Do you have a special talent that you love to work at? I love the arts, I love exploring old buildings, I love painting and photography.

I love to take pictures of the Sky and I love to paint old Chairs.... Every Chair has a history, whether big butts or little butts, who rocked their grandchildren while sitting in the chair??

I love new adventures... I love music!! When the opportunity came across to go see Rion Paige in concert, I jumped on it.. Your asking, "Who is Rion Paige" Ever watch Xfactor?  Rion is a 13 year old POWERHOUSE!!!!

She is on this Season's Xfactor and with an amazing talent, be sure to watch x factor and Vote for Rion paige

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