Friday, September 14, 2012

Visalus and Kids

Tired of seeing those cereal commercials on TV, where most of the cereals are made of sugar? Getting notes from school stating that your child is getting into trouble, has a hard time concentrating or not paying attention? How about the dreaded letter from the school stating that your child has a weight problem? Looking for something thats good for your child, that is easy to make and send them out the door or to help control their hyperactivity and crashing during the day? Then Visalus is what you need. If you have a hyperactive child, start looking at what they eating... Instead of giving them cookies and snacks, give them fruits and veggies. Send them out the door with a Yummy Strawberry Vi Shake, my grandkids dont even ask for the cereals.. They want their shakes. Have a child that's in sports or cheerleading? Then again, Vi is the answer. Helps build up the muscles, stamina and gives lots of energy. The right kind of energy, not sugar based.. Lets talk about how we can help your child....

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