Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just Believe

No matter what you do, ALWAYS build someones self confidence.. especially a child's...... they are depending on you to lead the way. :) I received a phone call from a team member telling me that she just had to call and tell me the good news... She knew I was one of her biggest fans and I would truly be happy to hear how well she is doing in her business and with her successful weight loss. She booked her first Challenge party after her friends noticed the transformation. She was looking better, had a glow about her knowing that she was actually changing right before their eyes. Are you your team players biggest fan? Many times people don't have the self confidence that they should have. Not knowing what their past is you should NEVER judge another human being. My goal is to help build one up in both confidence and help them realize that they can succeed. When you meet someone do you leave them with a smile on their face? Are they looking forward to the next time that you meet or running from you every time they see you. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, Do I want to be friends with that person? Going through life, and as we get older we realize it's just not about us anymore, its about how we make others feel and paying it forward. Just my thoughts for today.. :)

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