Monday, August 22, 2011

Whens the last time that you made a specific change in your life? Do you live day by day hoping to get through and just wonder if you will survive.... Well, its too easy to sit in front of the tv or computer ;) and let your life slip away. If you had one dream, whether it be a vacation to someplace exotic, something for yourself or family or to help someone what would it be? Or you telling yourself it can't be done because you dont have the funds, initiative or willpower to do it...

I have been searching for something in a Direct Sales Company forever, I just never found it until recently.

I love Road trips and my friend Lisa Saunders went on an amazing one yesterday. We were looking for our purpose in life and we are the type that we just get in the car and GO..... We didn't know what to expect or what we would find but we went.. What would it hurt?

Started on the road at 7 am, caught up on old times, new times and just chatted like great friends. We were headed for the Rosen Center in Orlando, little did we know there would be three of them.  We went in to the one we are familiar with and WRONG one... We asked some wonderful vendors that were there sharing their creative pieces, on our way again.. We made a wrong turn again, sat in the Peabody back parking lot trying to figure out our directions along comes a UPS lady... She said FOLLOW ME, I turned the car around and flew like a bat out of hell... If anyone knew where it was she did.... Yes, she led us right to it... Rosen Shingle Creek we finally found you.. MUAH!!
Beautiful is all I can say!!!!
Imagine pulling up, Happy People everywhere dressed in dresses, jeans, Vi Tshirts. Yes, people like you and me...
We followed, talked to people and was ready for the excitement...
We found our seats, there was a feeling in the air of excitement and relief!! People were searching for something and they finally found it with Vi... They were ready to eat up the information and detaiils that were to follow....
We were ready to soak up everyone's information and begin making our own.stories.
We heard from friends that were hit seriously from the economy and they didn't know where else to turn. They put their life on the line and they made it. We heard from friends that lost tons of weight and are building muscle and taking their life back for Health Reasons.
We all agreed that it's time to make a change and the only way that you will succeed is if you take that leap. Leap of faith, believe in yourself. We met a wonderful little girl that just loved Lisa and it seems that all she wanted to do was dance and have fun. She was adorable.

As we were leaving, we saw Beautiful Black beemers! Yes, one day I will have mine... with the plate that says
"I told you so"

Got home about 8, kissed my wonderful husband and I went to sleep... Wonderful day!!!

I have to say with this Vi, they actually care about their promoters and customers. Its just not about the ones on top getting rich,  see... they don't get rich until their downline or customers has made it. Each and every Ambassador thanked their team and swore to them that they would not quit until they saw them get to the top also. Its about sharing and caring.. Its about taking back your life from aches and pains and Dr visits to the healthy side..Yes, Vi has been approved by many Drs. and what makes it even better is that the shakes taste so yummy.... not just one flavor but many many flavors...

So my question to you is ......are you ready to take back your life? Are you ready to be in control? Are you ready to be healthy? I sure am and Ill see you at the top with you by my side. I also love Customers and referrals!!!
You are in charge of your future, don't let it slip by without taking control.... You rock!!!!

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