Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things happen for a reason

Ok so I didnt go to the convention when I thought about it this is more money in my pocket and less stress from driving 2 hours away. Luckily for me, is putting it on the web LIVE.... Can you believe this live??? Just like being there!! Thank you ladies!!! WOOP WOOP

Good thing I saved my money because an opportunity like no other came around. Ill explain that later. But in the past week, something happened..... Trevo is rocking like never before. I cant keep supplies at home, I see people on the street and they are begging for their Trevo bottles. I am working with someone now that does wraps.... Wraps great for the outside of the body and Trevo fantastic for the inside....Its amazing...... Let me know if I can work with you.

Ok, I love my nighties and I love to stay in my pjs all day long and working from home. Well, it was either try to keep RHCK business going and not getting as far as I would like so a friend introduced me to Undercover Wear. Why not look sexy, feel sexy and be sexy?  Also, UCW wear has many fun and comfortable pjs... So while your taking care of the inside of your body and losing weight why not look beautiful? Let me know if your interested in UCW.... I will send you the link....  Im also hiring, why work for someone when you can work for yourself......

For a great read, Come read Tanya's book taking her life and helping others achieve their dreams.... im-sick-and-tired-of-being-broke


Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

Hey. Thanks for coming by again. I live in Ocala. Didn't end up making it to the Real Savvy Success seminar either. And I guess they only streamed it while it was actually live?? because I missed that too :( What wraps are you working with? I am in It Works distributor, Nice that everyone is jumping board on getting healthier, I am staying busy too.

Deanna said...

Darn, we should have met...... but Ocalas not that far away.... so its still doable..... My friend is going to join Trevo and she does the wraps I will have to ask her. Healthy on the inside and healthy on the outside.

Keri said...

That's pretty cool. I'd like to hear more about what your doing... is it an MLM?