Thursday, March 17, 2011


Can you imagine going through life in constant pain? Many of us do, more then others. With the economy and the Health Care the way it is today, who can afford to go to the Doctors?  By all means, if something is wrong and it doesn't go away then go to your family Doctor and please get your yearly check up. But working in the Emergency room for so long, I have seen people come in and go out looking for something to help with their aches and pains, join pains, gastro pains and oh yes, the "I have a stubbed toe pain"

Ok, let's say you want to look great for the Summer. You want to lose some weight but have tried all the other things out there. You want something quick and easy and that tastes good. You want something that doesn't cost alot and something that actually works.

How about wanting great skin, great hair and nails and want to use preventive measures to maintain or better your health. I would rather use preventive measures then wait until something is seriously wrong with me.  Even help with your allergies and colds.

Those were all scenarios that many people go through every day and they don't know how to fix their conditions.
Let me tell you about Trevo!!!!  Trevo is 174 different nutrients and vitamins with antioxidants, all natural and healthy for you. Do you get your daily fruit and vegetables?  Many people don't but I do!!! Never used to, but I do now.

Trevo starts at the cellular level and Restores, Renews and Revives. Trevo gives your body what its looking for, the added nutrients and vitamins. Your body is like an engine, without the proper fuel and nutrients it begins to shut down, it begins to get rusty and slows down. In order to get the process of getting that engine going again, we need to oil it up and add the needed vitamins.  I'm sure you remember the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz, just a little bit of Trevo would have done him wonders.

I want to talk just a little about the antioxidants. There are so many chemicals in the foods that we eat, on the foods we eat and in the air, who wants to take the chance of having something attacking our healthy cells and killing them off. I wish I would have found Trevo about 15 years ago, it might have helped my mom live a little while longer. She passed away a year ago this month from Cancer. She was a fighter, but I truly believe that Trevo would have helped her.  I want to help prevent my body from growing these awful Cancer Cells so I am doing everything in my power to help my body along.  I also suffer from Diabetes, which is another silent killer. Since I have been on Trevo, I feel so much better, have so much energy and my sugar levels have been normal.

Many of my friends are taking Trevo and they love it! Pains are going away and they are beginning to live life the way Life is supposed to be lived, Free of Pain and Exciting!

Oh yes, while many people are out of work and struggling our business is thriving. Why because we are able to work from home, set our own hours and meet lots of wonderful people. Let's talk Fun and Excitement!!!!

So now you know why I am so excited about Trevo!! It rocks!!
Want to know more?  Just shoot me a msg and I would be happy to talk to you..

Have I said it before, I'm saying it again "I LOVE TREVO" and you will too!


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