Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is in the air

and I'm up and watching the flowers peek out of the ground.  Growing a business is like growing a field of flowers. It takes time to plow the dirt (getting your business cards out there) seed and water (Just keep on talking to everyone about your passion) and pretty soon you will start to see little buds opening up and peeking out of the ground. Which is when your customers start asking about your product, start wanting your product and begin to tell all their friends and family. I have been with many companies and my passion wasn't there. With Trevo, it is!! I love feeling better, losing weight, and knowing that I am adding needed nutrients into my body. I also love that I am adding new team members all the time... Watch out world, Trevo is getting out there and we are there to help you change your financial future and health.....

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