Sunday, March 27, 2011

A day in the life of ME

Yesterday I was invited to a very special Motivational Conference with Staci Wallace, which was out of this world. When I was invited, I had my thoughts because it was at a place where the Ex and I went regularly, it was a home to me where I made friends, prayed and had fun.  Until I made the decision to take back my life and tell my then husband to leave, well I didn't just tell him, I forced him to leave.  I had to end the abuse!! Well, let's say he went to the Church and poured his heart out but he seemed to have left out a quite a few details. He played the Woe is me game.

For many years, I just didnt feel right going back in there. Yesterday, I decided enough with the blame game time to open the doors just a little more and I went.  I saw old friends and had a good time, learned alot ate some good food and realized that no one remembered or they didnt care.  I put myself in the cell for too long and it was time to break free.  One step at a time and one dream at a time is all that it takes.

Take back your life and take control....... Life is what you make of it!!!

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