Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Holidays and Depression

I was looking around on the internet and everyone seems to be so happy because of the Holidays. Did you know that many people suffer from depression during these times. People are wondering how will I get through the Holidays when I can barely pay my bills.  Let me tell you how I am doing it... I firmly believe that you don't have to be rich or spend alot of money during the Holidays to have a meaningful successful day.  Too much emphasis has been put on spending money and getting that perfect gift. 

Are you crafty? Do you love to bake? Sit back and think what special skill do you have that you brighten someones day with?  I recently found the joy of Soap making, making sugar scrubs and other things. I love to paint so that is another thing that I can do... I can't say what I am doing yet, because it wouldn't be a surprise for the family that reads this.

But I think that I made my point.  So are you all about pleasing the other person and spending money or are you going  to put your talents to work?? 

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