Friday, December 3, 2010

Angels Among Us

The story I am about to tell you is true and it happened to the one and only me....  Imagine being in a deep sleep (dreaming of Candy Canes and Mistletoes, not really but made it more interesting) at 3 am and the door bell rings now where we live the Doorbell never rings because for one everyone knows not to disturb Momma Bear when shes sleeping and two you just don't do that here. We sort of live where no one ventures out at 3 am.

Ok so the door bell rings, I come flying out of bed wondering who the heck is ringing my bell. I open the door and theres a spotlight shining in my yard. Now I can't see worth crap because I don't have my contacts in and I yell "Yeah, What do you want"  Well, the county's finest shines a spotlight over by me.. UH OH... I start walking and he asks me if this big black furry thing (Smokey) is my dog.  I immediatly say Yes Sir, being the nice person I am to a cop at 3 am and under my breath yelling at Smokey, Get the $##$$%% in this yard and stay in this @#$%%$ yard!!!!

I bring Smokey in the house and Hubby says, "You know if you bring him in here, your house will be torn up in the morning" I said so and I start back to bed.. I thought about it again, headed back to the door grabbed Smokey he knew he was in trouble now and went out the French doors to tie him up in the back yard.  We get to the steps and he proceeds to hop around because he knows whats happening. Just at the top of the stairs I start to lose my footing and for some GRACE of God, Angels, Someone watching out for me I regained my footing and made it to the bottom safely. Where I proceeded to tie him up and go back to sleep..

Now this has never happened to me, well I can't say never I saw a Beautiful White Angel just before my mom passed away on the side of my bed and she told me, "Your mom's going to be Ok"  and I have been getting weird feelings, like intuitions. Can't explain that either.... So what is this thats happening? I know I am not going crazy but whatever it is, it's good and Thanks Angel for saving me last night to a trip to the hospital.

If your wondering how the doorbell rang and the cop shined a light in my yard, because the door bells on the edge of the property on the gate so that people dont walk in my yard...;)

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