Friday, October 1, 2010


What is presentation to you? Presentation starts from the minute you walk up to someone and introduce yourself. Do you preconceive someone the way the walk, talk, dress or act? 99% of us do.
Many times I hear that a rep arrived at a show in a tshirt and jeans.  I am here to tell you don't do this.
You are here to work your business as YOUR BUSINESS!  You want repeat customers, you do what you have to do and thats be treated as if you would want to be treated yourself.
Get back to introducing yourself or even cold calls.
If you see someone face to face, (remember even going to the grocery store) you dress up. I didn't say a dress or three piece suit but make yourself presentable. Walk up to them looking in their eyes, a smile on your face and then introduction. "Hi, Im .... from ........ Find something in common with this person then you can slowly bring in your business. With my type of business, I really have to rely on my senses to go on with the conversation but if they don't like my business at least I know I've made a good impression and made a friend. I hand them my card and hopefully they pass it on to someone they know.
Say they have booked a show, and its the night of their party. Again, treat it as your business. Don't drink and eat all their food. You can have fun, sure but draw the line... The last thing you want is the guests going and telling others that so and so's rep got drunk at your show..
Now to bring it to delivery. Don't just throw the product in a bag and call it a day. Everyone loves a present with pretty bows and ribbons. I can imagine what your saying, I don't have time. I dont have the money, I don't I don't I don't..  Well, you do... with Cello in a Box
This is one of the best stores around. Great prices, a great owner and a great idea for other reps...

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