Monday, September 20, 2010

Do you have

something with your party that no one else has?  Are people saying that they have already been to those kind of parties and don't need anything else from them?  Are you just about grabbing that sale?  Don't be, make friends, entertain, have fun and then make the sales.

As your guests see that you are having fun and entertaining, you will find yourself with more parties and sales.
Then you will find yourself booking more parties, making more friends and making more money.
I am going to tell you something that very few know about me and that is I used to be a clown. I worked at the top Mountain Ski Resorts in New York for many years. Why did they hire me? Because I could entertain the children while the parents were having fun. I had a gig and it worked.

Bringing that gig into Direct sales is something that many friends have done and that I have done. My parties are never boring and I am getting many bookings. Granted, I do not, I repeat do not dress like a clown for my shows but I know how to read the guests.
Do they look like they are having fun? No, then step it up... Make them laugh! 
Plan your parties out, not all of your parties are supposed to be the same. I have done shows for 60 and over and I would not plan it out like I would a 20 and over show.  Some guests are virgins to our parties, yes I said Virgins. What does that mean? They have never been to a Naughty Party. Make them feel at ease, let them have fun and help them realize that these parties are harmless. Just a bunch of girls out there having fun.

Do you have  a gig that works? Please share..

The main idea is to plan a gig, have fun and relax......

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