Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Everyone knows that Valentines Day is a day or Romance, spending time with loved ones and good food.

I have been listening to the radio lately and there has been alot of commercials for It being Valentines day, I thought I would send my mom some flowers. My mom has been very sick lately and I thought this would brighten her day. I decided on a pretty arrangement and the total was 29.99 without shipping and handling or anything else. Lets say by the time I was going to check out the total was 65.00 or better. That's twice the amount of
the flowers. I don't know about you but spending that much money on something that is going to die within a few days, Not my cup of tea! My question is, why take advantage of people during the holidays?

I then decided to look for a florist in my moms part of town and came across Joanna's Floral Creations and Gifts. I have to tell you the Customer Service was great, the flowers were to die for and I would definitely use their business again.
How did I find their service? On the internet, through a newspaper article.
It goes to show you to shop local and give business to the smaller business's in town. Joanna was very pleasant to speak with and she knew exactly what I wanted. The price was right on the money and I made my mom very happy, in which turn made me happy. We all won!! Proflowers, sorry you didn't make the grade!!

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