Saturday, January 30, 2010


First let me tell you that I have never won anything in my life, that I can remember. So this is pretty exciting!! I'll tell you what I won at the end of the blog.

Everyone knows that I hate spending money, especially when I don't have to. If there's a sale or coupon and I can save money, I'm all over it. The biggest thing that I MUST save money on is grocery shopping. There are so many coupons out there and so many ways to save, but you have to look for them. They don't jump out at you!! Unless, you get the Sunday paper and then you want to grab more then one.

With the busy life that I lead, I love when I have people pointing out the deals for me. I love to hear when people save tons of money and share with others.

I love this FB page because The Centsable Lady really takes the time to help
you watch your money. She loves to show you the best deals out there and most of all I love this site because I won something!!

Ok, I know your all dying to hear what I won!! LOL, I won a coupon for a FREE bag of potato chips!! LOL Whether a big or small prize, I still won something!!

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Blasé said...

I never win anything...

I'm so happy for you, no, really I am..pfst!