Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Here we are again, seems like just yesterday we were bringing in 2009. Reflecting back on 2009, I realized quite a few things.

1. Family: I have a family right here and need not go looking for something that never was in Chicago. I love my family!! I may not have the Beaver family but we are what we are and as we age things seem to get easier. We have to accept each other for who and what we are . With age, life gets easier. You seem to look at things in a different light. New babies come and people leave. My husband tells me all the time, we all have to die sometimes and I really am not ready for someone leaving yet but I look it like this. They say there is better things out there on the other side. I know that when we leave this earth, that we will see this bright light and angels waiting to take us in. There are many family members on the other side of this white light and for that I feel peace.

2. Friends: I have many wonderful friends, too many to mention. I have learned to let go, if your not good for me then out you go. I have to do what is right for me, whether family or friends. I have learned alot from some good friends, like "Blood is not necessarily thicker then water." You pick your friends, that are like family. I have friends that are closer to me than my own family. A few that I know I can count on when it really comes down to it. See, sometimes I break down too and I know where the friends that will catch me and put me back on solid ground. For that I love and adore you all!!

3: Career: For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to work in the Medical Field. Maybe, because my family comes from the Medical Field. I like the rush, I like helping people. There will be a whole new adventure for me starting in July, heck I'm in the middle of a whole new adventure. I have always wanted to work in the OB dept and with a little bit of studying I am on my way.

4: BBP: Brown Bag Party has been an adventure all its own. I have learned quite a few things and adore my BBP sisters. If your in for some romantic times and thinking same old thing with the hubby, I can tell you "Think outside the Box"

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