Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting Ready for the New Year

Are you ready for the New Year? What are your plans? I know my plan is to save money while grocery shopping. I would much rather have money in my pocket then putting it into the store registers.

Last week Hubby and I went to Sam's Club, I like Sam's Club until we get to the register. It really hurts when you have a basket full of groceries and the total is well over much more then I would usually spend. Hubby has to keep reminding me that with this much food, we will not have to go shopping for a month. I'm holding this and see if we can really do this.

Sam's Club offers a coupon feature on your card. I don't know if it will work and really afraid to put more money into Sam's Club, if it doesn't work.

Do you take the time to clip coupons? Do you shop at Food outlets? What are your tips?
Here are a few tips and ideas..... Shop at your local bakery outlet I found an outlet that was close to home but never knew it was there. There is the Sunday Paper that you can clip coupons from. Start a coupon exchange. Look online for coupons, go to or your favorite company and they sometimes have coupons on their sites.

If you have a store near you that offers you discounts if you have their card, then do this. I found this out by accident. Clip your coupons for the BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) items, clip two or look online for extra. Have the registrar run your items through, hand her coupons FIRST then give her the Store card for your discounts. This way you will get the savings on both BOGO items and you will also get it free. It's like they are paying you to buy the item.

Also, sometimes you don't have to buy the exact item, does have to be from the same company does have to be the same type of food item. But I bought Cheese one day, they didn't have the exact item, so I thought maybe I can get something close. Well, it worked. It may not always work, and if it doesn't play dumb.

There is also The Savings Queen show, Melissa Pearson gives alot of great tips for saving.

Are there any other tips out there that we could use?


Deanna said...

I almost forgot, Yesterday going through Lowes I hit the Christmas 75% off aisle. There were these poor pitiful Amarylis plants normally 12.00. I scooped them up for 2.50 a piece.

AshleyOhio said...

I used to be an avid couponer but I've been slacking. I have a binder with baseball card sleeves. I put them all in there, each sheet is for an aisle in the store, so it's all in order. (I'm pretty anal about my list being in order!)

there are sometimes they don't have the item I want and I forget to take out the coupon and they still scan it and manually enter it when it beeps. Then others the lady goes through all the bags to try to find the item...hey times are tough! lol

I always go to walgreens for toiletries, when they have the wags bucks back and you have coupons you are getting stuff for free or less than 2 bucks.

Savings Queen said...

Deanna! Thanks for talking about my show. I am sorry that I have not responded quicker. As my facebook friend you know I have been recovering from heart surgery. I also post lots of articles and ideas on my blog.