Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are you?

Are you the person who is to hold it all together for the family? Do you ever wonder what happened to YOU? Before the kids, other half or the stressful job?

We, as women have to take care of us! If you don't, who will?
The Holidays are coming, which means what? Lots of stress!!
Have you taken the time out lately to destress? How?

1. Take a walk!! Your body will thank you for it. It will releave some of the stress that you have bottled up inside.

2. Treat yourself to a good movie or book. We all deserve to spend money on ourselves.

3. Take yourself out to dinner, its up to you whether you want to invite your mate or not.

Start with these small steps and you'll find yourself feeling better soon.

1 comment:

Execumama said...

Thanks for the reminder, Hun! I'm a big fan of walks, and they really do provide a great de-stressing energy!!