Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back to my normal self again

What constitutes normal? What makes me any more normal then anyone else?
Nothing, we are all women. We are all normal in our own ways.

Last week, didn't hold up to my standards at school. I believe I should be able to and will hold A's all year. I may be wrong, but I set high standards for myself.
Sometimes you think you have it and know it, but then when you get your tests back you realize you really didn't understand it at all. When you get in moods like this, sit back and remember your goals. What are your goals in the end?

Friday, we took our Exam for the past couple of chapters. When I say couple, I mean 5-7 chapters. Digestive and muscles and many more systems in the body. Right now, we are doing chapter and then test next day. Its mind-boggling, alot of studying but
I Can do it!!!

Ladies, what are your goals and dreams? Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Make plans now, if your a mom what happens when your kids turn to teenagers and start going off by themselves? You may suffer from empty nest syndrome.

Moms, this question is for you. If you weren't a mom, where would you be right now?
If your not a mom, where do you want to be but afraid to try?

I believe you have to lead your life, not let life lead you!! Take the steps today to change your life.

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