Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh, what a night!!!!

Hi everyone!!! Every so often, a girl needs to go and have a night on the town with the girls. Well, that's what I did last night.

It was girl's night out and we had a blast. But tell me, why is it that when you go out with girls, guys always want to join the fun? Is it a man's thing?

Sure join us, buy us a round (which they were too cheap too) but don't get too touchy-feely. I didn't have a problem with me, you see if I don't want to talk to you and I think your a pain in the ass, I have no problem telling you. Just ask my husband.

We had a blast on the dance floor, the DJ rocked (the Dream Team) and we sang to our hearts content. Then in walks this chick, have no idea who she is or where she came from. All she knew is that we were her best friends, this chick would not leave us alone. Finally, after a couple of hours she leaves with the two guys that she picked up in another bar. I will call them Humpty and Dumpty. LOL

She comes back an hour later, with three guys. She tells us she picked them up at Cody's and she upgraded. She dumped Humpty and Dumpty.

Music flows, DJ's rockin, we're dancing up a storm and here comes the one dude from Cody's. Sure have a little fun, dance but don't invade my space. Now remember, I have no problem telling you to jump off a bridge, so he gets the hint. He grabs my friend and gets really touchy-feely, like an octopus. Arms everywhere.

She gives me the look like HELP, so I grab her and start dancing with her. Nice save!!
After a while, same thing happens again. Now by this time, I am getting pissed and any friend of mine knows that I am very protective of my friends. I have no problem of stepping in and getting rid of the problem.

This time, I stepped in and here comes the Brother. He stopped my getting to my friend, and buffed out his shoulders, like ok what you gonna do about it? I played it off, told him politely you don't want to mess with me here cause you'll be overtaken really quick and I pointed to each of the back corners of the bar pointing out that if I needed help all I had to do was yell.

He backed down and danced. So the brothers finally realized that we weren't some easy chicks that would be led on. So they behaved for the rest of the night. We all got to talking and guess what?

They are all from Chicago, exact same area where I am from. Probably played in the same park in Mount Greenwood. So I thought that was pretty cool!!

The Dream Team then started lowering the lights and said that it was time to go. So my friend and I ran out of there, so the Octopus brothers could find some other chicks to take home.

Moral of the story:
Always make a time for Girls night out! Never go alone and then enjoy it!!

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