Friday, September 11, 2009

Are you the same

Are you the same woman or man that you were 5 or even 10 years ago? What has changed about you? Do you like the new you? Ok, say you haven' changed. Why not? Have you wanted to change but haven't had the guts or not know where to start.

I recently spoke with a friend and I noticed a different attitude about her. Woah, back up. First, I should tell you about our history. She was one of those that didn't understand my business. I tried to tell her that there was nothing wrong with it, that this is an every day thing and as long as you don't go and sell yourself on the street corner and still have your self-respect at the end, then there is nothing wrong with the business I am in. Now your probably wondering what kind of business I am in, you'll have to wait until the end of this to find out.

So anyways, I am talking to my friend today and noticed that she wasn't the same person that she was. She was happier, she spoke with a determination that she knew what she wanted out of life and how to keep her hubby happy.

How many of you fit this profile? Either your the one wondering how to keep yourself happy or your the listening board, listening to a friend talk about her relationship problem. Let me tell you, I have been on both sides of the sword. I was the one who had the problem, hoping someone would listen and steer me in the right direction or I was the one listening to a friend.

If you say, you have never been in that situation then Friend I will have to ask, are you telling me the truth. Have you stepped out of your comfort zone? Have you asked yourself, am I really happy with who and what I am?

What will it take for you to change and be happy with yourself? Do you have that special person you can talk to? I have said it all along, Oprah talks about it, Dr Phil talks about it. Why don't you? Do you have a best friend that you can talk to?

What I do for a living isn't only about sex and those of you that think that way are totally wrong. Its about being liberated, throwing caution to the wind and knowing what you want out of life.

I am not only a Adult toy consultant, I am also the person who is working on relationships and helping you achieve the person that you can be.

Are you the person your hoping to be throwing caution to the wind? Let me help.

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