Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to School

My life has changed drastically within the past week.
I recently took the plunge to go back to school. Why did I decide this after so long? Because I was tired of looking for a job and getting no where. There are literally no jobs out there and I sure dont want to work for 7.00 an hour when I can make alot more and enjoy what I am doing.

Last Monday, I woke up at 5:30 am with breakfast in bed and a smile from my husband telling me to wake up and go to school. I left the house and arrived at school around 8 am. It was a pleasant surprise, great teacher, great people to go to school with and an A average so far.

I am gone most of the day, and really have no time to shop so I am looking from all of my friends on Twitter, Facebook and the net some ideas. What do you do to make your life easier when you go to work or school all day?

I did find one company that I have ordered from last night. Haven't received the products yet but will post about it as soon as I do.

Have you heard about
Free shipping, no clipping coupons(its added automatically) and best of all no running to the store when you run out of staples. Last thing I want to do is stop after school and grab toilet paper or paper towels. One thing I did notice this morning was that they do charge a .05 that is reimbursed to see if cc is active. Never heard of this but they assured me that it would be reimbursed. But they did charge .05 4 times and I only placed two orders. I did contact Amy by live chat and she assured me that it would be fixed.

Would you like me to review some of your products that you feel would be asset to busy ladies? Just drop me a line.

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joanofalltrades said...

Congrats on the A avg. What a sweet hubby bringing you breakfast in bed! I know some area grocery stores used to deliver but I'm not sure that they still do.