Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mortgage Apple Cake

Every so often, you come across that person that leaves a good impression and wish that you were more like her. Well, I think I found that person that definately deserves the Almost Perfect Woman award.

Let me introduce you to Angela Logan. Angela is a mother to wonderful kids, works hard and fell into financial diffictulties like many of us do. She was left with a house that was and is under construction after the construction crew that she hired failed to keep her end of the deal and cost Angela thousands of dollars.

What makes Angela different then the rest of the population? Angela came up with a plan and a very tastefully plan at that. Angela has started baking and selling Mortgage Apple Cakes. She has set a goal to sell 100 Mortgage Apple Cakes (MAC) in 10days.

What makes Angela awesome is that she knew she had to do something quick and stepped up to the plate and fought these foreclosure moguels. Watching MYFOXNY you can tell that Angela has that strong attitude and she is willing to do anything to save her house.

I always said, "Instead of crying and complaining about people losing jobs and losing homes, think of something that will help you." Times change, People Change and you have to roll with the punches.
It seems Angela has done just that.
Hats off to Angela and her family.
If your interested in purchasing a delicious MAC, MORTGAGE APPLE CAKES

The last time we checked in with Angela, she was still baking cakes like crazy!! I am happy to announce that she was on the Today show and she has saved her house.
Kudos to you, Angela!!!!!

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