Monday, May 25, 2015

Hi Friends and Family,

Time certainly has passed since I have been on here last. I am very bad about updating but will try to spend more time on this page. Life has become more calmed down but certainly never a dull moment.
Grannie has been painting more and more and sharing the talent of my Refurbished furniture. I seem to like the Coastal look. Hey, I live near the water, why not???

As for Gardening, I love my little corner of the world. I have been planting more and more Canna Lillies and love the bulb families. Any type of Bulb, that I can split and make more plants I am all for.

I have about 20 Tomato plants and love saving them from the worms and others pests. That must be my medical field training LOL

I have also been visiting a lot of other pages and learning from many of you.  What are your best tips for the summer?

Happy Memorial Day to all of you, Keep Pushing on!!

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