Sunday, November 30, 2014

Learning how to live the Simple Life

There was once a time that I wanted it all, the Big Fancy Car and the Beautiful House with a pool. When I hit 50, something changed inside me. I realized the car nor the house was important. What is important how I am going to live the rest of my life Stress and Drama Free.

For me this means, outside in the garden growing the Vegetables and Aquaponics. I really hate going to the grocery store with the Outrageous prices and you never know what kind of unhealthy stuff will be in your food products.  I was one of those that ran to the store for everything and now I run outside my back door straight to the gardens.

Another hobby that I have taken up lately is Photography. I may not be as well as I want to be yet but I know I have the eye for special settings. Photography holds special memories for years to come. What will your family say when they try to remember special occasions? Wouldn't it be better to be able to share some family photos??

I have to be honest, my mom was always taking pictures. She had albums and albums of many happy times and places. She passed away, big family fight and all those pictures disappeared.  I now have just memories. Which makes me real sad, but at least I have the memories.  

So as you get older, what really matters to you? Is it the big fancy cars with big bills or is living peacefully and stress free and drama free??  

It's your choice.

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