Friday, February 3, 2012

This was taken from a support group by Crystal Cherry.. This is why we are ALMOST PERFECT....

This might be a long one so I am warning you ahead of time LOL. I have had a deep conversation with quite a few ladies today regarding how hard we are when we slip up. We can hear all day long that we need to avoid the scales, start again tomorrow and all of the other things we read in posts each day. Maybe we need to start looking at it as a learning experience and be reminded that none of us are perfect or we wouldnt be where we are today. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day but we cannot beat ourselves up. If loosing weight is a lifestlye change we have to learn how to overcome the mistakes and build from them. So instead of being depressed and upset that we went over our calories look at it as today I learned that a huge piece of chocolate cake (or whatever it may be) is a problem food and its always going to be around but that piece of cake is not going to have control over me but a small, controlled portion is also not going to add a million pounds back. The willpower comes over time but we are all still tempted no matter how many pounds we have lost or how many challenges are completed. It is the BIG picture, its your future, its your health....all of those things are more important than making one small bad choice and filling your mind with all sorts of negative thoughts.

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