Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ok as promised, how would you like to win a Brand new Red Blender. Why red? Because everyone loves Red... Spunky.... You will also receive some Visalus products.. All you have to do is tell me... What is your fitness goal? Why do you think you should win this contest? Tell me a little about you and share with your friends. Then have them do the same. Also go to the Challenge box on the right side click watch the video, and sign the guestbook. This will give you an extra advantage to winning the contest.Also go back on your website and tell all your friends about this contest... I am extending it to the end of October...

The comment with the best Why story will win.... You have until the end of October ..... So have fun..

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Jeanette said...

Red is such a fun colour! :) My fitness goal is to reach my pre-pregnancy weight by the time my newest little bundle reaches nine months old (nine months to put it on, nine months to take it off, right?)
I am a WALKER - I love to walk and I find this helps my emotional stability as well as my physical health. I plan on losing my last 25 pounds by walking daily and eating more vegetables while cutting my carbs. One way that I enjoy vegetables is blending them into sauces and even drinks! Unfortunately my little blender here is on its last leg!!
As a nursing mom, my eating habits are going to have to be done in balance. So far so good; I've been at it for the past two weeks and have dropped five pounds and still maintained a good milk supply.
After baby number three I lost the entire weight within three months - not by doing anything, it was my body, but because of the way that my body shed these pregnancy pounds, my blood pressure rose. I am looking to avoid that situation!
Great giveaway, I am going to share it in my blog post today!