Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The new me

I love running into old friends and them having to take a double look because of all the weight I took off.... I am not only getting leaner but building muscle and also getting my self esteem back... How am I doing this? With Body By Vi. People are losing weight, getting healthier and making great money by just sharing the shakes with others. I am on my way to becoming a Director and getting my BMW FREE!!!!

Why did I decide Vi? Because I was tired of all the hooplah with the Insurance plans and I wanted to do it the natural Healthy way. I am tired of all the Drs pushing pills and making deals with the pharmacies. Things you learn when you work behind the scenes and your not a patient.

I am also a great motivator and I love to help people... Are you trying to develop the new you? Whether it be by self esteem, weight loss, weight gain or just trying to make extra money? Then let me help.... Are you all in or all out?  Let me know if your interested in starting a weight loss or health group!!!

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