Monday, April 25, 2011

I have to admit.....

10 things you didnt know about me...

I am a very friendly person.
I love all kinds of music
My favorite food would have to be hot wings
I have 4 boys
I have  4 grandkids
I love to do arts and crafts
I love to garden

I suffer from Diabetes 2.
My mom died from Cancer
My grandfather died from Heart disease

Why did I mention those last three because to understand why I am so gung ho about Trevo and keeping my body Healthy you have to understand what are in my genes. I take it for the Energy, the weight loss and the nutritional values..... I would rather prevent then say OH CRAP WHAT DO I DO NOW?

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Keri said...

Yep, almost all of it can be controlled. My Mother died from complications of diabetes. The last years of her life were not pretty.

The doctor told her years earlier to lose the extra weight, but poor thing just couldn't do it.