Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Second day

of Trevo!! Let me tell you... its awesome... I woke up with an energy that I cant begin to express. I was up dancing around the living room cleaning in places that have been neglected..... Cleaning a window sill that is WAY above my head that needed it.

If you want energy, come talk to me...
Did you know that Papaya leaves slows down cancer cells... (per ABC news) Flax seeds cuts down on Heart disease and there are so many more... Take it from me I would rather take natural items then take medicine that the Dr prescribes....

Here are the ingredients

I have had the question from many of you. Where do I get this? Well, you can get it from me.....  I am on a mission to bring wellness to all my followers. I am diabetic and I dont whether brain fogginess comes from being diabetic or just getting older. But I was suffering from it.. Hubby said your getting forgetful and I said, your crazy but as I was sitting at the table last night. Something didnt feel normal, colors were getting clearer and I was feeling better.
I took it for what it was, but when I woke up this morning and started putting on the music, dancing and cleaning I said Woah.... if I can keep this up it will be pretty good. Its 4 pm, 8 hours from when I took 2 ozs and I still feel energized.... If you want to try this... let me know...  I would not suggest something that does not work...

Here are some other testimonies

Order through me by Sunday and I will throw in a special gift.....  You can reach me at 352 942 5105


Julie said...

So where do you fine Trevo? How does it taste?
Good luck with your life style change.
I'm going to follow you and just see where this goodness brings you.
Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

Deanna said...

Hi Julie, Thanks for stopping by. It tastes like a thicker grape juice. Not bad.. I can get you a bottle of Trevo if your interested... I included some links in my blog, take a look... Please contact me if your interested before you purchase online.

Julie said...

I'm not sure Deanna. Let me think about it and read some more. Take care and God Bless!!