Sunday, July 11, 2010


I took part in a gardening tweet party last week and this has really got me interested. What would happen if every family grew a garden?  Would we save on food bills, would there be as many people going hungry as there are? Or how about being able to put organic fresh food on our tables every night for our families and saving money in the grocery store. What sounds better to you?  Personally, I like the saving money part.
I wonder how many out there grow their own gardens, herbs or fresh fruit....  I am going back to the easy way of living. Gardens, hanging clothes on the line and whatever else it takes to make life simpler and cheaper.  What are your ways of saving money and relaxing?  Do you know someone that has or is need of a garden?  Tell us your story....


alicia said...

I think everyone could benefit from knowing how to do this. Wishing I had more yard to do a nice garden. We currently have a few small plants.

Jill said...

Reminds me of my wonderful childhood :)

I'm visiting via Follow Friday 40 and Over and am your newest Follower :)

~ Jill