Saturday, June 12, 2010

Looking back in time

My dreams were to always live on the beach where you walk out your back door and are on the ocean... Well, god has a way of helping you without you realizing. I also dreamed of a big white Southern Plantation like Rebecca from Sunnybrook Farm.... Somewhere where I could have my family and friends gather together.

I dont live on the ocean..... But I do have french doors leading to the pool. Dont have my big mansion and that means I dont have tons of grass to cut, a huge electric bill and a huge mansion to clean.... See god gives us what we want, in the amount that HE thinks we can handle....

He gives me the strength to work from home, (which I love doing)and to be able to handle many things on my plate at one time.... Sometimes I just need to sit back and unwind with a good dose of Karaoke, friends and family..... So again, we may try to be perfect.. But I know and you know that its a long way from it..

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